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Fits All Glasses

Fixoo is made to fit all glasses. Both metal and plastic frames

Secures Glasses

Keeps your glasses secured at all times. Never lose them again

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We use ultra-safe, yet incredibly strong magnets combined with comfy and durable elastic straps. No granny straps here! Secure and comfortable, they're the perfect glasses strap sports accessory for biking, skiing, hiking, rock climbing, sports or when you're popping and rocking on the streets.

Fixoo | Never Lose Your Glasses Again


Magnets affixed to your frames provide an ideal way to keep your eyewear safe while hanging on your shirt, while wearing them, or keeping them in your car.


Our magnets are surrounded by medical grade silicone. They are light, unobtrusive and wont dig into your skin even when worn for extended periods of time.


Our specially designed, one click, elastic straps hold your eyewear to your head with complete comfort no matter your physical activity. Wear your strap as a cool bracelet. Its always with you.


One size fits all. Men, Women and Children. Never lose your expensive eyeglasses or sunglasses again!

What If Feels Like To Never Lose Them Again...


I found the magnets easy to install after watching the online video. My sunglasses no longer fall off my shirt or out of my pocket. The magnets held on through the pocket of my denim jacket, which impressed me. This is a very convenient setup to keep sunglasses safe when wearing them and removing them.

Kevin C.

It’s a very easy product to install, my glasses doesn’t fall anymore and The comfort was not changed.
This product is very Inteligent designed and I will by more for my families that wear glasses.
My sunglasses has a special place in my car now and is always ready to use.

Renato B.

I play many sports and use both glasses and sunglasses, these solve the problem if having to put a lanyard in and off all the time when I am nit playing sports. You simply gran the elastic and they come off the magnets on the mini sleeves. Genius! When you are nit using the elastic lanyard the glasses look normal...stop looking lime a need wearinga long lanyard down your neck all the time! :(

Juan Pablo P.

I gave it as a gift to my wife and she loved it, she doesn't lose her glasses anymore and doesn't keep falling when she's working in the garden, I recommend the product.

Mark L.

This is a great invention. I have broken or scratched several glasses but this simple solution resolved all my problems and keeps my glasses secure at all times even when I am doing sports. Really amazing. I recommend.

Ronaldo C.
Prevent Scratches

This 3 piece eyeglass holder kit provides several magnetic accessories to help keep your glasses safe when hanging them on your shirt, wearing them, or keeping them in your car.

Our glasses accessories use high-grade magnets.

Feel free to run, jump, or dance and your eyewear will stay safe and sound hung around your shirt's collar or attached to your head.

image Magnetic Glasses Holder
image Magnetic Glasses Holder
Comfortable To Wear

Our eyeglasses holder magnets are designed with the user's comfort in mind.

They're unobtrusive and won't dig into your skin even when worn for extended periods.

The revolutionary design of our eyeglass holder strap and magnets makes them quick to install.

Safely Store Them Anywhere

Our glasses strap set includes a pair of metal tubes, silicone tubes, magnetic clips, magnetic glasses cord, magnetic car sunglass holder, installer, and a small bottle of lubricant.

We use strong magnets surrounded by medical-grade silicone with a comfortable yet durable elastic strap so you can store your glasses safely anywhere.

Attach them to your sunglasses or the roof of your car in minutes!

image Magnetic Glasses Holder
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Save your glasses from a nasty fall and protect them from wear and tear
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Attach your glasses to your shirt by the magnets. They wont fall off and are always handy.


Wear the strap as a headband securely fastening your glasses to your head during any activity. Wear it as a bracelet.


Freedom to enjoy all your favourite activities while wearing your glasses.


Attach it to your car's visor or dashboard. Even beside the bed. (Holds 2 glasses)


Yes, it fits 99% of all glasses! The Fixoo Anti Fall Kit comes in 2 versions: METAL and PLASTIC glasses frames. Check your glasses arms, not the front of your glasses. For Metal Frames the Fixoo Anti Fall Kit will come with a set of metal tubes to be used with a wire style and silicone tubes to be used on a flat style. (Installation videos can be found for all 3).

Very thin Magnets with the most powerful Magnetization technology - Silicone made in Germany (Medical Grade) and Stainless Steel.

The Elastic Strap can stretch up to 7 times its normal size without breaking. Generally, it only needs to stretch 2 to 3 times its normal size to fit most heads. But yes, it does have its stretch limits.

Both! The Fixoo Anti Fall Kit can be used on both eyeglasses and sunglasses. Whether you are in your car, out on the boat, reading a book or sitting in front of your computer. Fixoo has you covered.

Absolutely! The Fixoo Anti Fall Kit is for Men, Women and Children.

Yes. Fixoo will probably last longer than your glasses. If you replace your glasses you can remove it from your old pair and install on your new pair. Try not to lose your Installer Tool as it will make life easier. However, we do recommend that you purchase multiple Fixoo Anti Fall Kits if you use multiple pairs of glasses. One Kit for your Eyeglasses and One Kit for your Sunglasses for example. We offer a discount if you purchase multiple Fixoo Anti Fall Kits. They are not designed to be installed and removed on a daily basis.

Yes, there is an instruction guide included in the box. Even better, there is a QR Code on the box that will take you to a video walk through on installation for your particular eyewear. It is super simple to follow along step by step with the video. In less than 2 minutes you will have completed the installation. Or visit ourINSTALLATION page